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Greenwich Associates' Custom Analytics Group and consultants work together with business-line managers, strategists, and marketing professionals to develop statistical analyses to answer critical business questions. Greenwich's extensive proprietary database provides the best source of institutional information to understand the dynamics of relationship quality, the drivers of market share and the exploitable opportunities that remain under-leveraged. Applying state-of-the-art statistical techniques as well our deep market experience, Greenwich consultants help clients uncover valuable insight into buy-side customer behaviors and perceptions, market trends, inter-relationships between business services, and "share of wallet" performance drivers.

The unique value created by Greenwich's custom analytics service comes from the market-wise application of the right statistical analyses to the most comprehensive database of key buy-side decision makers in the institutional financial industry. We also have the capability to extend our modeling efforts and merge proprietary client data and/or third party data. The Custom Analytics Group uses widely recognized data mining algorithms including:

  • correlations
  • segmentation analysis
  • cluster analysis
  • regression analysis
  • factor analysis (perceptual maps)
  • discriminant function analysis

Greenwich uses multiple software packages including SPSS, LISREL, AMOS, CHAID, Winsteps, Bilog, and Multilog to calculate statistical models, while we use Excel as the common platform to distribute technical output. Presentations and reports are distributed using PowerPoint and Word.

Greenwich Associates consulting services offers clients direct connectivity to reports and information and also provides direct access to our proprietary database through our GAIM internet application. For more detail on this, click here.

Greenwich very much believes in the value of quantitative analytics. A cornerstone of our research and consulting business is our ability to "objectively quantify quality."

To learn more about Greenwich Custom Analytics, contact Steve Busby at +1.203.629.1200 or Contact Us.

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