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    Custom Research

Greenwich Associates' Custom Research provides clients with quick, cost-effective research to meet their unique strategic information needs. We leverage our extensive market research experience and access to key financial services decision-makers around the globe to deliver actionable information on a variety of topics. Armed with concise, quantitative data and the subsequent recommendations our internationally-renowned consultants provide, clients obtain deeper insight into strategic issues facing their business and gain valuable competitive information. Custom Projects can be conducted on any topic, including:

Strategy Formulation: Understanding the issues that generate opportunities in new products and market segments.

Strategy Measurement: Assessing client satisfaction and the effectiveness of strategic initiatives.

Market Trends & Customer Behavior: Identifying key trends and their impact.

Competitive Position: Assessing market share or product share, including 'share of wallet'.

To learn more about Greenwich's Custom Research, contact Tim Kutch at +1 203 629 1200 or tkutch@greenwich.com.


Legal Services

Greenwich Associates advises law practices on how to monitor and improve their client's relationships and better understand their client's decisions as to the choice of outside counsel. Greenwich Associates has determined, based on extensive custom research, that regular in-depth monitoring of the relationship leads to improved financial partnership success.

Working in conjunction with a law firm's senior management, Greenwich Associates conducts extensive client reviews covering such areas as client loyalty and commitment, competitive positioning, brand awareness, and new opportunities. This research leads to strategic and tactical analysis and action-oriented consulting, such as:

  • How to retain and increase share of client's outside counsel fees

  • Awareness and perceptions of why certain law firms are selected

  • Understanding the strength and weaknesses of partner relationships

  • Perceived strengths and weaknesses of other law firms used by clients

  • Competitive positioning

  • New business opportunities

For more information about law firm consulting services contact Peter Kane at +1 416 925 0197 or Mona Lee BA, LLB at +1 416 318 5304

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