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Greenwich Associates' consulting services aim to provide decision-makers in financial services with expert advice, deep market insight, and high quality research so they can identify opportunities or problem areas and then confidently take action to meet their business objectives.

The foundation of Greenwich Associates' service is its annual research programs (market studies) that are conducted with users of institutional financial services across the spectrum of financial markets: investment management, fixed income, equities, investment banking, foreign exchange, derivatives, large corporate banking, and small business and middle market banking. Interviews with key decision-makers at corporations and buy-side institutions take place in more than 70 countries annually.

Over the past 30 years, we have developed a deep understanding of the financial markets, the elements of service quality, and customer preferences and behaviors. Many of the questions we pose to key decision-makers are specifically designed to evaluate the relationship dynamics between buyers and sellers. We also go to great lengths to capture information about market trends and best practices principally for the benefit of buy-side organizations.

Nearly all of Greenwich Associates' clients are repeat participants. They do so because they have confidence in our ability to deliver value. This confidence is based on the firm's...

  • unique vantage point in the markets as a global information intermediary — an infomediary — between the buyers and sellers of financial services.
  • well-established research process that generates comprehensive, accurate, and timely information.
  • experienced practitioners with deep industry knowledge and extensive consulting expertise (click here to review profiles of our consultants).
  • highly professional approach to its business and relationships.

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