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Product Demand Analysis

Given the extensive market coverage and scope of our research, Greenwich Associates is able to provide analysts, business managers, and other researchers with a deep body of trended information on the size of the institutional financial markets by market sector or product area.

Much of our research is based on the annual studies we conduct with the users of institutional financial services across the spectrum of institutional financial services: investment management, fixed income, equities, investment banking, foreign exchange, derivatives, large corporate banking, and small business and middle market banking. We interview key decision-makers at corporations and buy-side institutions in more than 70 countries in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Given Greenwich Associates' deep market understanding and extensive research, we are able to track the purchasing power of buyers of financial services by tracking their holdings, volumes, and transaction activity — as well as their expectations for future activity — as a component of the key market trend information we collect. In addition to aggregate market size data, we're able to provide custom segmentation of the data based on chosen criteria.

To augment our annual research, Greenwich Associates also has an expert custom research unit that can help business-line and marketing professionals explore new markets or underdeveloped market niches. Click here for more information on our custom research services.

To learn more about Product Demand Analysis, contact Steve Busby at +1.203.629.1200 or Contact Us.

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