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Greenwich Associates' Competitive Challenges is a research and consulting offering designed to help asset management clients improve the productivity and profitability of their businesses and to benchmark performance against peers. Competitive Challenges participants receive a comprehensive consulting-aided analysis of their management performance, including side-by-side comparisons with customized peer groups, and the annual Competitive Challenges report on competitive dynamics in the industry. Asset managers also have the opportunity to meet and share ideas with other senior managers in the business at the annual Competitive Challenges conference.

Why is Competitive Challenges important for your organization?

  • The first product to offer asset managers robust data for assessing and benchmarking business performance versus a customized set of peers
  • Identifies the inefficiencies in an organization; is the firm meeting, lagging or exceeding industry and peer standards in:
    • Asset growth, profitability, productivity, and product competitiveness
    • Sales, marketing and client service effectiveness
    • Operations efficiency and technology spending and staffing
    • Compensation structure and levels by position
  • Empowers senior managers to prioritize strategic business objectives by highlighting trouble spots and areas of success compared to peers
  • Combines measures of internal cost benchmarking ("inputs") with perceptions gathered from institutional clients, prospects and investment consultants ("outputs") - allowing you to more clearly identify resource efficiency in sales, client service, and marketing versus client-assessed quality (effectiveness) using the Greenwich Quadrant Model

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