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Greenwich Associates is dedicated to communicating timely and insightful information to small and mid-sized company executives.

We gather and share market-based data with over 20,000 small and mid-sized companies in exchange for participation in our annual studies and Market Pulse surveys throughout the year.

To help you manage your business more efficiently, we offer research reports and overviews of key insights on topics including compensation, the economy and other relevant trends impacting your strategic and management decisions.

Oct 9, 2012: Greenwich Associates Consultant, Duncan Banfield, discusses our recent Market Pulse: Views on the Greenwich Small Business and Middle Market Optimism Index

Oct 9, 2012: Greenwich Associates Consultant, Duncan Banfield, discusses our recent Market Pulse: Views on the Greenwich Small Business and Middle Market Credit Availability Index

Aug 3, 2012: Fox News — Greenwich Associates Consultant, Duncan Banfield, with new survey results that found small businesses are not interested in credit.

Greenwich Business Forum Reports
Latest Report — 4/12:
Small, Mid-Sized Companies Cautiously Optimistic on Economy
Credit Conditions: Steady Improvement, But Causes for Concern — 1/12
Amid Lingering Trust Issues Between Businesses and Banks, Hopeful Signs — 12/11
Businesses Seek the Human Touch from Their Banks — 8/11
Credit Conditions (Finally) Normalizing for U.S. Small Businesses — 4/11
Despite Improvements Even the Creditworthy Can't Get Enough Credit — 1/11

Every year, Greenwich Associates surveys more than 27,000 businesses with sales of $1-500 million in markets across the U.S. To benchmark the quality of banking products and services in the marketplace, Greenwich Associates asks decision makers at these companies to evaluate each of the banks they use in a variety of categories. The results of this research are used to determine the winners of the Greenwich Associates Excellence Awards for Small Business Banking and Middle Market Banking, which are handed out in categories at the national level and across four geographic regions.

Small Business Banking
Award Winners — 2011
  Middle Market Banking
Award Winners — 2011

Note: Recognition is based on statistical differentiation at a 95% confidence level.

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Small and mid-sized companies in the United States are feeling better about the business environment. As a result, a growing share of these firms is planning to hire workers in the next 12 months as well as increase their use of treasury products. However, companies are still cautious with many expected to continue to implement cost-cutting measures.

In this paper, Greenwich Associates also provides helpful hints for businesses that are in the process of choosing a new bank.

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