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Greenwich Associates' Executive Interviewers play an integral role in gathering information for our research and consulting programs, and in marketing the value we provide to our Research Partners. The Executive Interviewer is an independent contractor who establishes and maintains long-term relationships with our Research Partners — the senior corporate and institutional executives participating in our interviews. The Executive Interviewer cultivates relationships with these high-profile individuals and often becomes a trusted peer.

The work, contracted annually, is intense but flexible. Within a program's overall calendar, the Interviewers conduct in-person and telephone interviews with the ability to arrange appointments convenient to their schedule.

During each meeting the Executive Interviewer collects both quantitative and qualitative information regarding service quality for each of their suppliers of financial products and services. Greenwich Associates' leading edge tablet PC technology allows Executive Interviewers to complete each interview in a professional, flexible and reliable manner.

Our Research Partners expect high-caliber professionals to represent Greenwich Associates and successful Executive Interviewers typically have experience in sales or marketing. Comprehensive knowledge of financial products and services is preferred but not essential. Each of the 150 North American and European Executive Interviewers working with Greenwich Associates plays a critical role in maintaining our position as the recognized leader in strategic research and consulting in the professional financial services industry.

If this type of work appeals to you, please apply online for the Executive Interviewer position.

Click here to apply online for Executive Interviewer position in North America

Click here to apply online for Executive Interviewer position in Continental Europe and the U.K.

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