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2012 Greenwich Leaders: North American Equity Derivatives
Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are among the 2012 Greenwich Share and Quality Leaders. To learn more, click here.
Buy-Side Trading Desks Do More With Less
Hedge funds appear to be moving aggressively to take down costs amid low trading activity. Forty-four percent of hedge funds participating in the study say... More...
2012 Greenwich Leaders: European Equity Derivatives
Deutsche Bank earns Share Leader designations in European Equity Derivatives Options and Volatility Products and ETFs. To learn more, click here.
Transaction Cost Analysis: Into FX and Beyond
The ability to obtain accurate and timely data against which to benchmark TCA results is one of the main challenges cited by institutions using TCA in all asset classes... More...
2012 Greenwich Leaders: German Investment Management
With some investment options largely off the table for now, German institutions are broadening their search for yield by diversifying. To learn more, click here.
U.S. Fixed-Income Trading Volumes Mixed As Hedge Funds Continue Their Ascent
The only major U.S. fixed-income product segment to experience a drop in trading volume last year was... More...
2012 Greenwich Leaders: European Equities
Among the more than 200 European institutions Greenwich Associates interviewed in 2012, UBS narrowly leads. To learn more, click here.
Canadian Fixed Income: New Competitors Claim Market Share from Big Five Dealers
Increased competition from domestic and foreign banks has had a noticeable impact on the market share of the Big Five in the Canadian fixed-income trading. More...
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For Asset Managers, Still Plenty to Play for in U.K. DB Market
New study results reveal a change in product demand will fundamentally shake up the source of revenues for asset managers. More...

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