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Research Partner Benefits

Each year, close to 40,000 senior corporate and institutional decision-makers — our Research Partners — in more than 70 countries around the world participate in our research studies and benefit from the results.

We believe in fair exchange for value — and the value Research Partners receive from their participation in our studies reflects this business philosophy. The benefits financial professionals derive from partnering in our studies are numerous, chief among them:

Breadth of Research...

Research Partners receive access via the members-only section of our website to the entire spectrum of research conducted by the firm, not just the results of the study they participate in. Our studies run the gamut of institutional financial services, including investment management, fixed income, equities, investment banking, foreign exchange, derivatives, large corporate banking, and small business and middle market banking.

Within each market sector, we provide Research Partners with a wide range of market intelligence that can be customized to meet their particular needs. This includes:

  • ratings and rankings of financial services providers
  • market trends and best practices
  • peer compensation information
Depth of Research...

The depth of analysis and insight we offer is based on Greenwich's unique vantage point in the markets as an objective infomediary between the buyers and sellers of financial services — together with the firm's extensive network of financial professionals, well-established research process, and subject-matter expertise.

The information and analysis provided can be tailored according to the needs of the organization or individual (in the case of our compensation information). For example, information can be segmented based on the size, type, and geography of the institution or company. In some cases, highly tailored benchmark and provider evaluation reports are also available.

Expertise and Professionalism...

We have developed considerable market expertise in the 30 years we have been focused on institutional financial services — in the form of our consultants who have extensive industry experience and consulting expertise (view Consultant Profiles), as well as in our research and analysis process.

We are committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships with our Research Partners and to the utmost professionalism in our business practices. To this end, we remain focused on providing only the highest quality of products together with very attentive and professional customer service.

Please Contact Us to learn more about the benefits of being a Research Partner.

Research Partner Benefits
Breadth of Research
Depth of Research
Market Expertise & Professionalism

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