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Charley Ellis founded Greenwich Associates in 1972 with the vision of a superior professional firm in institutional financial services, servicing the needs of senior financial professionals with timely, unbiased, actionable management information.

The service concept — custom consulting based on high quality proprietary research with ongoing relationships at a senior level developed by experienced experts — proved a sustainable business model.

The firm's initial offering in personal trust services, large corporate pensions, and large corporate banking in the United States expanded to encompass the spectrum of institutional financial services — including stockbrokerage, fixed income, foreign exchange, derivatives, commodities, insurance, and investment banking — in all of the major global financial centers. The firm now interviews senior corporate and institutional executives in more than 70 countries around the globe to gather the pertinent market research.

In response to the changing market environment, the range of our products and services has widened to include global programs, custom research, online tools and services, as well as specialized analytical services.

What began as a single office in Greenwich, Connecticut for 10 members, now comprises over 120 professionals in five locations on three continents. Our client-base has expanded from 28 North American-based clients in our first year of business to over 250 global relationships today.

In 2000, Woody Canaday succeeded Charley Ellis, marking a new tenure of leadership for the firm in the twenty-first century. In 2009, Steve Busby succeeded Woody Canaday as Greenwich Associates' Senior Managing Director.

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